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On May 22, 2011, one of the largest EF-5 tornadoes in recent memory touched down in Joplin, MO. When it was done, 158 people were killed and thousands were injured. Among those killed, was a young man named Will Norton who was sucked out of his truck with his father at his side. The Norton’s were neighbors of Kendall’s family for several years and were dear friends. After attending Will’s celebration of life, Mark (Dad) asked that I go to Will’s bedroom as there was something he and Trish (Mom) wanted me to see. When I walked in, the number 83 was painted in an elegant graffiti fashion, along with a game ball I had given Will when they attended a Chiefs game years earlier. It was such a small thing to give a game ball to a fan (something I did at nearly every game during my NFL career), and I had forgotten about it. But it really impacted Will.

It was from that experience that the idea for the Will Wall was born. Giving that game ball to Will really meant a lot to him. When we think about it, we have all had people do things for us that has made a difference or changed our lives for the better. So I wanted to create a simple way to just say “Thank You” to those people.


That’s what the Will Wall is all about.

You can record a video thank you for a past teacher, a parent, family or friends and send them a link to show them they matter to you. The video can also be tagged to other social media so we can inspire others to be thankful for those who have helped them. So let’s all step up and give our personal “game ball” to someone who has made a difference in your life. Click here to Get Started!


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